who we are

Now Here This is an online platform for student-produced audio storytelling. It was started at Brown University in 2014 by Liza Yeager and Sophie McKibben. At Brown, Now Here This publishes audio stories and records live storytelling events with the Brown Storytellers.

We’re now in the process of expanding to host student stories from across the country and develop tools and resources for new producers. Our goal is to promote student-produced storytelling and foster a new generation of audio storytellers by teaching students the skills of audio storytelling and providing them with a platform where they can showcase and promote their work. Basically, we want to make it easier for students to get their foot in the radio-door.

why we believe in student-produced storytelling

As university students, we get access to many exciting ideas about media and science and history and how to think critically about the world. A lot of those ideas feel important – but they also feel exclusive. Like they’re coded in a very particular academic language or taught primarily in college classrooms and not in the real world. But in audio stories, we talk about things in conversational tone and we wrap more theoretical concepts up in personal stories to help us remember why we care. In other words, students producing audio stories can provide translation work. We can take some of the ideas that have traditionally been accessible only to people who have the time, energy or resources to participate in higher education and share them widely. That feels like a powerful opportunity.

We also think that public radio has a problem. Often, it’s the same types of people with the same voices telling stories in the same formats. By teaching radio skills, and by giving student producers a place to put their work outside of traditional venues (like pitching to stations) but where their work can still gain traction and be promoted, we’re trying to help foster a new generation of audio storytelling.

in the works

Get ready… Now Here This is going national. We’re so excited by what’s happening at Brown but we don’t want it to be unique. Here’s what’s in the works:

  • We’re updating the website so that it can host student-produced audio work from schools all over the country. It’s gonna be really cool – anyone will be able to make a profile and upload their stories (for free). The website will be searchable by producer, school, theme, etc. From the stories posted, we’ll pull 4-5 stories weekly to feature.
  • We’re hosting a weekly podcast that features the ‘Best of’ from the material uploaded to the website.
  • We’re going to use our website to offer resources and teaching tools about how to produce and publicize student-produced audio work.

We want your input! Are you a student producer? What would you like from Now Here This? Send an email to sophie@nowherethis.org or liza@nowherethis.org and let us know!